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Police, Fire Departments Help Osbourn Freshmen Get Oriented for New School Year

By Uriah Kiser August 22, 2014 8:00 am

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MANASSAS, Va. – Several incoming freshmen at Osbourn High School had their eyes opened by the fire and rescue and police departments.

In the school’s parking lot late Wednesday morning, students who are part of the Rising Stars program saw demonstrations from the Manassas Police Department’s K9, motorcycle, and SWAT units, and saw firefighters demonstrate the life-saving skills they use to cut into wrecked vehicles in order to pull victims to safety.

“I’m always in awe of how many we have in our program, because to give up three days of your summer vacation as a 14-year-old is pretty impressive,” said Mike Dufrene, assistant principal at Osbourn High School.

Rising Stars is a three day program with a core focus of getting incoming freshmen oriented with not only their new school, but with the community around them.

“We look at these 140 students as the leaders of the incoming freshman class. They understand schedules, they understand where the lockers are, they understand the building, and they are like our go-to kids,” said Dufrene.

After all of the demonstrations were completed, two students and a Manassas police officer submitted themselves for the ice bucket challenge, the viral campaign raising money for the ALS Association. Firefighters filled a cooler and hoisted it atop a ladder truck and then dumped it on the students’ and police officer’s heads.

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